Truck Plunges Sixty Feet Killing Four

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This weekend was the La Raza Motorcycle Run. Typically this event is fun and not eventful in the sense of danger. But this last weekend changed all that. Fate seems to have intervened to protect many of the cyclist. But others appears to have sadly sacrificed their lives in the stead of other riders.

San Diego authorities investigate why a pickup truck driver lost control of the vehicle Sunday. The driver lost control of the pickup. Swerving over a highway bridge retaining wall, the truck was seen plunging 60 feet. The truck landed in a park killing four people at a bike festival Saturday.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jake Sanchez said the people there to have a good time in the park died. Authorities identified the pickup truck’s driver as a Naval member Richard Anthony Sepolio. Sepolio’s Stationed at Naval Base Coronado Island.

The 25-year-old Navy man then arrested at the hospital on suspicion of driving under the influence causing injury and death. Officer Sanchez said Sepolio also taken to the hospital with major injuries where they later arrested Sepolio. The truck plunged into the Chicano Park almost instantly killing four people. One person on the ground and Sepolio survived the crash.

Fire Rescue

City Fire Rescue Department spokeswoman Lee Swanson said, eight other people on the ground got injured. However, one person suffered major trauma and seven others suffered minor to moderate harm. Officer Sanchez said the victims were by a vendor’s table selling t-shirts when the truck crashed into the table.

People Killed

CHP identified the deceased as a 50-year-old woman and 62-year-old man from Chandler, Arizona, a 49-year-old woman and 59-year-old man from Hacienda. The identities of the dead CHP did not release pending notification of their next of kin.
The GMC pickup truck had Texas license plates.


Furthermore, one witness, John Vazquez, said:

“they saw the truck falling from the bridge landing on the booth nose first”.

Another witness, Iris Jimenez age 29, said: “I saw the truck coming at me, and if I hadn’t run, I’d be dead.” Also, Doris D’Angelo who sang with the band said she saw the truck fly from the bridge. Most relevant here, the GMC pickup truck fell about 60 feet from the bridge. Hence, there is no way the driver could survive such a fall.

The naval man was the only occupant in the vehicle. Also, the truck came to rest feet from a stage where a band played at the time.
In addition, the event at the park La Raza Run, a motorcycle ride ending with a celebration at the park. Furthermore, the crash might have caused more harm since the event draws hundreds of people. So the facts seem to indicate a drunken Navy man causing all of this. So it will be interesting to see if combat stress played a role in the recklessness here. Only time will tell. But we empathize with the victims and wish their families well.


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