The Global Village of Paying for Your Neighbor’s Transability

Man's Mouth with Red Lipstick on His Lips and Brown Beard
Man’s Mouth with Red Lipstick on His Lips and Brown Beard

In a world that has been identified as a global village because of internet and advanced communication, we come across several situations that are still new and unique to us. While we are living our healthy lives and going about our businesses, there are people who don’t feel normal like us. These are the people who have troubles in their lives that don’t let them live happily. Transability has emerged in the eyes of some politically correct health care providers, as a new form of condition that’s very rare but is still existent in the world. Let’s talk about a little about transability and transabled people.

What Is Transability?

It is a condition made up, ostensibly by health care providers and doctors who will make a lot of money disabling and caring for these so-called disabled people. According to these geniuses, this a psychological feeling that is found rarely in most people. These people have a desire in them to impair themselves. They are normal people with four limbs and all senses working normally.

Their desire for physical impairment is so strong, that they would incorporate various means to achieve it. They don’t feel comfortable in their bodies and think that their bodies are not theirs. In order to achieve satisfaction they cut their limbs or impair themselves in other ways to be comfortable in their bodies. Some people want to lose their eye sight, others want to become dead, and some even want to amputate their limbs.

Real Life Examples Of Transabled People

Despite its rarity the condition of transability is real and there are people who have tried to achieve satisfaction by making themselves physically impaired. One Hand Jason is the person who cut off his arm to become disabled. He was a person who did it all by himself. He practiced amputation on the limbs of animals that he used to buy from the shops. After learning the process of amputation fully he went on to cut his arm and became One Hand Jason. It was his desire to amputate his arm on his own and he did that.

Clive Baldwin Talks About Transabled People

Clive Baldwin is a researcher from Canada who also provides his services as a social work teacher at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. He has been researching on the subject and has talked to 37 people from different countries of the world who introduce themselves as transabled.

It is surprising here that most of these people are men. Some of them are located in Canada but the majority is located in Switzerland and Germany. Most of these people want to be paralyzed. Some of them want to amputate their limbs and one has a desire of getting rid of his male organ. There is one who specifically wants to get rid of his eye sight.

Baldwin has met some interesting people and discovered some interest secrets during his study. One Hand Jason is one of the people become transabled by arranging accidents. They mostly drop heavy stuff on their bodies so the limbs they want to get rid of can be made disabled. For example, there was one guy who used heavy concrete blocks and arranged an accident to make them fall on his legs.

He had thought that the impact would make his legs disabled but the doctors worked on his legs and saved the limbs. With a little limp he still lives with the desire of completely losing his legs. Many people told Baldwin that they don’t let their secret to become transabled known to people that easily.

One guy told him that he had this desire in his heart for more than 60 years but it was so secret for him that he never told his wife about it. When explaining their condition the people in Baldwin’s study gave the analogy of transgender people by saying that they don’t feel fit in their bodies just like transgender people. Baldwin believes that this particular problem is not mental but rather neurological in nature.

The Current Status And Reaction To Transability

Like the psychological condition of craving group sex, and sex partners of the same gender, and even other conditions like Kleptomania, and Pedophilia, the public is only now slowly becoming aware of the other new, and made up “condition” of “transgendered” people. With the help of head cases like Bruce Jenner, and seeing the mental agony they have caused themselves to go through with their attention seeking, self destructive behavior, many people are deceived into thinking they should pay for sex changes and hormone replacement with tax subsidies, for the “greater good.”

After being made legitimate by a few so called scientists and doctors, and the epiphany of realizing they “were born that way,” the far left, Progressive spectrum of the public has shown some acceptance of these transgendered people. Our own president has gone so far as to say it is “brave” for a man to pretend like he is a woman.

Far left politicians certainly do like to take money from elements of society that have traditionally been considered perverts and freaks, so this generally fast tracks the “flavor of the day” donor with being accepted into society, once the politician’s friends in the left wing press start (propaganda) spinning the story, and questionable science as unassailable truth, as they are doing with man made climate change propaganda.

If you disagree with the government’s paid scientists, you suffer from a “phobia,” and must have your business boycotted and shut down. There is no room for dissent in this day of political correctness. Either you believe the government and its powerful donors trying to mainstream their extreme psychological conditions, or you are a “wing nut.”

This new environment of offering protection to freaks and weirdos and even offering to use tax dollars to pay for their penis amputations, for example, has given hope to people with self destructive transability desires in them, that they would be accepted by people as well, but it is not that easy because as of now the public cannot understand why these people who are healthy and fit want to live a life that is accompanied with disability. (We used to send people like this to mental institutions.)

Common public is just one part of it, transgender and communities working for disabled people in the world are also showing a great reaction against transabled people. Transabled people are not being welcomed by disabled people or transgender individuals however. Seems strange that drag queens and he shes are against this, since they basically deface their natural gender and try and become another gender, claiming that in their mind they are really a girl or vice versa.

Both the groups think that transabled people are only deceiving themselves and the society. They are also depriving the society of its valuable assets and resources by physically impairing themselves. They also say that it is an insult to the reality of disability how these people are fetishizing physical impairment.

The transgender people are keeping their distance from transabled people because they don’t want to get in troubles since they have already put in great efforts to have their reputation built. Their disorder is not known as a mental disorder anymore and, this was all done by their great efforts in paying off the right politicians and organizing boycotts against scientists and others who say it is still a mental condition.

Another new PC name given to transability is Body Integrity Identity Disorder. The individuals with so called “transability disorder” are putting in efforts to have their condition recognized as a medical condition but we are not sure what their efforts will bring for them in the coming future. It is highly likely that leftist programs like Obamacare will pay for maiming transgender and transability surgery, so long as these people keep voting democrat, irrespective of the junk science. Just follow the votes and money. Mainstreaming and promoting immoral, emotion based lifestyles is part of what Progressivism is all about.

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