Snapchat – A Silent Cause of Crashes

Man falls after snapchatting
Snapchat causes accidents like this.

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps. It’s used by people of all ages across the country. While the app is popular, it might also be dangerous. Snapchat’s growth is one of the quickest ever. But this is so much so that the company is now undergoing an IPO on Wall Street.

Unfortunately, Snapchat is also used poorly. We see this in many cases of young people sending inappropriate pictures to each other. However, it is also used while driving. Such distraction is incredibly dangerous. Young people often have less experience driving to start, and having a phone in hand while driving is against the law to begin. Snapchat is one of the most distracting apps. Additionally, this is part of the reason that it is so dangerous behind the wheel.

Take a case in New Jersey. According to ABC 6, the app may have caused a fatal crash. The news investigates whether it caused the death of three young women. Just days before Christmas 2015, the women drove in Philadelphia. The driver possibly used the app while driving. This caused them to speed on the road.

See the video below for more information on the tragedy:


This is a very sad incident. No parent should have to face their child’s death. In addition, we can teach our children about road safety. We have many ways to reduce the chances of crashes. One is to teach young people not to use phones while driving. Snapchat, especially, is a risk for all involved. All drivers and riders should consider this before getting in a car. It is all our job to prevent crashes and teach road safety.

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