Sleep and Drowsy Truckers – Deadly Threat to Passenger Vehicles

Drowsy TruckerA big rig truck can literally crush a passenger vehicle and mow down everything in its path, with very few exceptions. Sleeping and drowsy drivers cause many of the accidents on the road annually. Unfortunately, due to differing factors, from work to other responsibilities and appointments, sometimes drivers are compelled to drive even after long work or not enough sleep.

This is also the case with on the road truckers. These truck drivers historically have a relatively low rate of accidents and fatalities, but the sheer size, speed, and weight of their rigs can easily cause catastrophic damage and injuries. Due to the fact that these drivers are often under the pressure of a certain number of miles per day or to get product to the market on deadline.

These effects are also compounded by illness on the road. When faced with severe sickness, often these drivers that depend on their time on the road to make their money still attempt to carry out their job, leading to complications that can include crashes.

There have been multiple high profile cases of truck crashes on the road across the country. With the growth of more material to be transported to a larger population, the rate of accidents may increase.

With these accidents and the resulting injuries, it is important to remember that you are not alone. If you or a family member has been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver or their employer, you can seek damages. Having an attorney that has experience in both personal injury and automobile accidents can assist in piecing your life back together and challenging the responsible parties. Seek one out in your state to learn more about your rights.

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