What is The Personal Injury Settlement Process?

After being injured in an accident, it will mean filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Filing a claim will mean going through a settlement process to recover financial compensation for the damages that were caused due to another person or entities actions that were negligent under the law. The expenses after being hurt are imperative to recover in order to return to daily life after healing from the injuries. Being hurt in this way is a traumatic experience and one that can be financially draining. It can be difficult to know what steps to take and this is when a personal injury lawyer should be consulted.

Most people after a mishap resulting in damages do not know what to expect or what steps to take and have a lot of questions. This is where the legal professional can be extremely helpful, they can answer questions and provide advice about what legal avenues are the best to take to begin their claim to obtain a settlement. Filing the claim will begin the legal process and legal representation is invaluable.

Case Value

Among the questions that most victims have is about the worth of their case and this value will depend on all the facts of the case. The attorney will be able to estimate what the case may be worth, once they have all of the details about the incident resulting in injuries. When an agreement between the victim and the attorney has been determined for the worth of the case, then the legal professional will file a claim with the insurance company demanding a financial settlement.

Insurance Companies and Settlements

The sooner a claim is filed the better the chances are of obtaining a fair settlement and it will settle faster than a case that goes to court. Though in some cases going to civil court will be the only way to recover fair compensation, but it will take longer to be awarded compensation. When an attorney files a claim with the insurance company to demand the amount agreed upon, they will generally demand a higher amount as a tactic to actually recover what the damages are worth. Insurance companies do not like to payout and this strategy will provide room for the insurance company to believe they are getting away with paying out a lower amount.

Insurance Company Rejections

When a claim is filed with the insurance company they often reject the first amount demanded and may then come back with a much lower offer. This is where the negotiations to obtain a fair settlement will begin.

Negotiating Insurance Claims

Once the first amount has been rejected by the insurance company in the claim and they will usually make a counter offer. This offer may be what the claim is actually worth or it may be much lower. Negotiating will mean going back and forth with settlement amounts and your lawyer will help in determining whether an offer from the insurance company is one that should be accepted. Negotiating with the insurance company takes experience and negotiating skills to get a settlement for what the case is worth. This is why having legal representation by a reputable personal injury lawyer can be crucial to obtain a settlement, since an intricate knowledge of the law and the tactics of the insurance company is necessary.

Video About Settling Injury Insurance Claims:

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