Even the Famous Can Become Disabled and Need an Advocate

Alan Dershowitz is perhaps America’s most famous attorney. His fights to preserve civil liberties has made him an icon among many on both sides of the political spectrum. His thoroughness and thoughtfulness has been demonstrated many times over the years.

The Slip and Fall at TD Garden

About three years ago Mr. Dershowitz slipped and fell at the TD Garden during a Celtics game, as reported by the Boston Globe. His suit alleges that a wet area on the floor caused him to call, leading to a serious knee injury. He believes that all that could have avoided this accident was an adequate number of paper towels for people to wipe their hands with. The excess water instead made it to the floor, causing the slip and trip hazard.

Professor Dershowitz Hired a Former Student of His To Represent Him

Dershowitz is not representing himself, but instead having one of his former students take the case. The 76 year old describes a violent slip “causing him to fall upward and then hard upon the tile floor and severely twisting his right knee and leg, landing on his back.” His medical bills reached nearly $6,000– with just $1,150 being for the ambulance ride to Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also asking for other funds, as yet unspecified, for “economic and intangible damages.”

Mr. Dershowitz has made clear that he did not want to sue the TD Garden, but felt he had no other choice. This is similar to many other Americans involved in severe accidents across the country. Many try to rationalize the accident and feel a sense of guilt towards holding the unsafe party responsible. Instead, they languish with the pain of injuries that are often untreated. These injuries often develop into lifelong afflictions that can affect the ability to enjoy life, work, or function day to day.

Sometimes the media or pop culture likes to denigrate the experience of such accident victims, making them sound like they’re taking advantage unnecessarily. Or describe hard working attorneys as ambulance chasers. This further compounds the feeling for many that they can’t file a lawsuit or even consider consulting an attorney.

When faced with such an injury, especially from an easily demonstrable source, it is vital to defend your interests and help prevent such an accident from occurring to someone else. Many companies and agencies don’t even realize the potential danger or ignore it in hopes that no one will act. You can help those in need and yourself in seeking compensation for such unsafe conditions.

If you or a family member have been involved in such an accident, it is vital that a skilled attorney is involved. Their experience can be used to navigate the tricky world of tort law and ensure that your suffering is justly compensated. The better ones are on call or available by email any time of the day or night for more information. Some will come anywhere in to consult and review your legal options, offering you strength by your side.

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