Did a Judge Lie to a Car Accident Victim?

Corrupt american judge taking money as a bribe or stealing
Corrupt american judge taking money as a bribe or stealing

There are many ways that unscrupulous drivers try to get out of the consequences of accidents. From hit and runs to bad insurance information to not having insurance at all, there are examples across California and the nation every year. A former judge in Bexar County, Texas is finding that out the hard way after an accident that caused damage to another vehicle.

The report on local media highlighted the former official’s actions. Angus McGinty had an unsecured bicycle that fell onto the car behind him. The accident caused $1,200 in damage to the victim, Yvette Quiroz.

McGinty pulled over after the bike fell out of his car, but gave inaccurate information to Quiroz. The insurance policy number he handed to the victim turned out to be expired for months and McGinty refused to answer phone calls. Quiroz is on the hook for the $250 uninsured motorist deductible to repair the damage and decided to fight back.

Instead of letting the accident go, Quiroz contacted the local police and filed a report. McGinty was not cited at the time of the accident but would face over $400 in fees for improper storage if he is. This isn’t McGinty’s first brush with the law.

He resigned as a District Judge this year after he was accused of receiving a bribe from a San Antonio attorney Al Acevedo. Acevedo pleaded guilty to bribery charges and McGinty is under federal corruption investigation. The U.S. Attorney’s probe accuses McGinty of taking cash and car repairs in exchange for reducing bonds and jail sentences of Acevedo’s clients.

Trying to get out of the after effects of such accidents is nothing new or rare. USA Today reports that fatal hit and run accidents have spiked over the last several years. LA Weekly describes hit and run accidents in the area as an ‘epidemic.’ The publication cites statistics showing that 48% of all accidents in L.A. were hit and runs in 2009.

Judge McGinty may not be the only one to try such devious tactics, but taking action lessens the chances of future incidents. When victims report the incident to police and work with skilled attorneys to track down the perpetrators they are in a much better position to bring justice to the reckless driver.

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