Avoiding Dog Attacks

Many domestic dogs are friendly and approachable. These animals are often ready to greet visitors and allow themselves to be pet or picked up. However, some domestic pets and feral dogs are not friendly and can attack at a moment’s notice. There are hundreds of cases of serious dog bites every year in California, and if you or a loved one has been nipped by a canine, you deserve to know your legal rights.

Educational Video About Dog Bites

When you meet a new or unfamiliar dog, there are steps that you can take to prevent being bit. This is especially the case for young children, which are far more likely to be bitten by these animals. If the dog is unfamiliar with you, hold out your hand and allow the dog to sniff you and become comfortable in your presence. If the dog is chained or behind a fence, it is often due to the animal being aggressive or unwelcoming to new visitors. Don’t bother a dog while it is eating or tending to its puppies.

If things become tense with the dog, do not make the situation worse. Do not turn around and run– the dog will most likely attack. Don’t yell, scream, or show your teeth– all considered signs of aggression. Hold your hands at your side and walk way when possible. Place any item that you have in between the dog and you. Fall into a fetal, defensive position when attacked and show yourself not to be a threat.

If you followed all of these safety tips and were attacked by a dog, make sure to get immediate medical treatment. There could be rabies or another disease involved. Call an attorney to find out your legal rights and what you can do to deal with this traumatic event. There are also nationally recognized attorneys like Ehline Law that stand ready to use its experience to assist you and your family.


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