Over 100 Passengers Sick on Princess Cruise Ship – “is it Worth It?”

View of ships in Long Beach Harbor from Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach, California.
View of ships in Long Beach Harbor from Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach, California.

Here we go again. Another terrible virus outbreak on a cruise ship. It is almost like bad karma is taking its toll on the cruise industry (watch the video here.) More than 100 passengers have become ill onboard a Princess cruise ship with a gastrointestinal ailment caused by the Norovirus.

According to a Princess Cruise spokeswoman Karen Candy, the ship arrived in San Diego Thursday, from a cruise along the coast of California, Los Angeles and Northern Mexico. The ship was carrying 3,141 passengers and onboard testing showed the presence of Norovirus. The problem is good luck suing Princess for this. We asked attorney Michael Ehline out in California and he said the cruise lines will blame the passengers and everyone else under the sun, and fight tooth and nail to avoid paying the passengers. He says many lawyers won’t even consider taking the case at all. “When is the last time you heard about 100 people at “Hometown Buffet” getting hit with mass poisoning?” asked Ehline.

Here, the ship the passengers became ill with a strain of the Norovirus Crown Princess. Mercy Medial Center in Baltimore, Michael Zimring said that this type of outbreaks are not uncommon and are generally mild. He said the outbreaks occur in areas that are small and have a lot of people. Zimring said the best way to avoid this illness is to follow good hand washing rules, and he said buffets, whether on land or at sea can be contaminated. He said people like buffets to get their money’s worth, and they are easier for ships, but people sneeze, children play in them and other issues that can result in becoming sick. Ehline says the best way to avoid this is to avoid cruising at all.

Earlier in the month the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship Grandeur of the Seas also had an outbreak of Norovirus that made 117 passengers and crewmembers ill during a cruise originating in Baltimore, Maryland. In that case, the “crew members will probably have more luck under work comp, than the paying customers”, said Ehline. What do you think?

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