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Consumer Lawyers Advocating Disability Law (CLA) is a private organization that helps U.S. consumers in understanding and obtaining legal representation for children and adults with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities that were caused by traffic accidents, workplace negligence, inadequate discharge planning from the state’s psychiatric hospitals, or even violence. We have invited personal injury attorneys from California, North Carolina, Florida and other states to offer their views and expert opinions on methods of helping victims throughout the U.S.

With the law as our tool, our work helps to improve the lives of thousands of individuals. We now serve people with all types of disabilities and serious accident related personal injuries, and many more lives will be changed. Sites we found helpful in curating personal injury lawyer data across the nation, include personal injury websites, and the website. These are resources that are of such high quality, they deserve special mention. We also have included a whitelist of resources deeper into this site. If you wish to be included as a curator, and can offer information of exemplary value, please contact us below.

CLA DisabilityLaw is available for helping:

  • Representation of clients with disabilities.
  • Public education and training on issues affecting people with disabilities.
  • Technical assistance to lawyers and lay advocates.
  • Contracts with advocacy and service organizations for training, referrals, technical assistance, litigation and special projects.
  • Locate attorneys nationwide in states in the west like California, all the way to the east in DC, who assist injured victims

Inquiries about Legal Representation

CLA Disability Law provides a pathway for consumers across the USA to very specialized legal assistance. Our current priorities are cases with potential for systemic change and include:

  • Special Education about Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of people with disabilities, Denial of Medicaid Benefits, Alternative to Guardianship and Limited Guardianship.

When an individual is disabled, whether it was their own fault, a birth defect or developmental problem, or even as the result of a bad car or truck wreck, there are almost always legal rights available for the disabled. This could be in the form of a tort lawsuit for money damages compensation, or directly from a governmental agency, such as is the case with disabled vets.

The bottom line, is that you must have legal help if you want to win in the civil, administrative, or even in the criminal reparations and restitution department. In fact, there are so many potential means of recovery, and so many ways to waive your rights to it, it is almost always better to hire a consumer lawyer advocating disability law rights as a matter of course and scope of their ordinary business. Browse the information here by doing a search, and see if you can find the answer, or at least a legal contributor to help you with your present situation.