The Most Common Causes of Car Accident Disabilities

Car wrecks, in particular, those involving passenger cars, as a whole, are fairly common. In busy places like Greater Los Angeles, California, not to mention less populous territories like North Carolina, these unfortunate happenstances are occurring every day. They can be caused by various reasons, whether it is due to a driver error, driver distraction, vehicle defects and even poor road conditions. The damage that a motor vehicle crash can cause is astonishing and there are some common reasons car accidents occur, including:

Distracted Driving

When driving a vehicle there are various reasons a driver can be distracted, from adjusting the radio, talking on a cell phone or talking to passengers, especially if the child or person is in the backseat of the car. We asked Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC over at the Circle of Legal Trust on Google Plus, about this this. He is a car accidents attorney in Los Angeles, where the traffic conditions are usually less then stellar. He claims that a large part of his practice involves liability insurance claims against the passenger vehicle operator that takes the driver’s eyes off of the roadway, and their focus, “resulting in inattentive driving”, which creates a danger for this car and any other vehicles on the roadway. It only takes a second for the distracted driver to place everyone in their vehicle and anyone around them in a vulnerable position to be harmed.

Drowsy Driving

Although these types of cases are less common in ordinary passenger car calamities, as compared to commercial trucking claim, failing to get enough sleep is major cause of vehicle collisions nationwide. In cases like this, a driver is typically on the road too long and falls asleep at the wheel, or fails to rest the day prior, and doses off while on the road trip. However, there are other reasons for passing out, such as heart conditions, prescription and non prescription drugs and so forth. Being alert is a huge key to making it from point A to point B in a safe fashion.

Traffic Signals or Signs

Drivers who either are in a rush, distracted or speeding that weave in and out of traffic or blast through a traffic signal or sign. This puts other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians in danger, especially at intersections. Driver’s of this type if making a turn or going straight without paying attention create a dangerous situation. This could even be a right or left turn at an intersection without adhering to traffic rules and result in a serious collision.

Defective Parts

Many drivers just assume their vehicle should work properly and even in some cases where proper maintenance is done there can still be a defective part. When the part of the car that has not been checked and assumed to work properly is the brakes, it can be disastrous. The driver stepping on the breaks that are worn or defective may have an increase in stopping time or it can result in the vehicle not stopping. Having other defective parts that involve the steering of the vehicle can be just as dangerous to the driver, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, since it can cause turns to be off or the driver may lose control of the vehicle.

When a motor vehicle has a defective part or is not properly maintained it can result in a car accident, which can cause serious injuries or death. All accidents are not able to be avoided, but ensuring a vehicle is in proper working order and maintained is a way to decrease the amount of collisions that occur due to this reason.

Bad Road Conditions

Poor road conditions can be hazardous for drivers, whether it is blinding rain, icy roadways, snow or even bright sun. These issues should make driver’s slow down and pay extra attention to the roadway. Still accidents can happen due to these roadway conditions. Being distracted or traveling to fast for road conditions it is easy for a driver to lose control of a vehicle and crash.

Hazards and Factors

These can all be factors that result in hazardous situations on the roadway causing harm or death. Driver’s need to ensure their vehicle is in proper running order by doing the maintenance vehicles require and by being alert to the surroundings on the road and follow traffic rules, signs and signals. If you are a North Carolina Disability Lawyer and have anything to add, please send us a PM.


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