Get Your Head on Straight?

An Italian doctor has caused controversy in the medical world with his experiment that could mark one of the biggest biological revolutions in the future but also cause the biggest ethical jolt in the world. This doctor, named Sergio Canavero, is after the possibility of making a human head transplant possible. He says he will … Continued

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning occurs when contaminated foods are consumed, which then causes illness that can be mild or severe depending on the individual’s health, age and other circumstances. The following will educate on this type of sickness, the causes along with other information. Basically the term food poisoning is a phrase used for consuming contaminated food … Continued

Avoiding Dog Attacks

Many domestic dogs are friendly and approachable. These animals are often ready to greet visitors and allow themselves to be pet or picked up. However, some domestic pets and feral dogs are not friendly and can attack at a moment’s notice. There are hundreds of cases of serious dog bites every year in California, and … Continued